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Looking for an Explosion-proof Endoscope/videoscope/borescope/inspection camara

Looking for an Explosion-proof Endoscope/videoscope/borescope/inspection camara

Jun 20,2022

Looking for an Explosion-proof 


inspection camara/endoscopio


Do you know why the endoscope needs explosion-proof certification?

Do you know why the endoscope needs explosion proof certification?

Because the use environment of industrial endoscope is complex and diverse, especially in some potentially explosive environments, such as special combustible gas, dust environment, petrochemical plants, gas stations, etc., the safety performance of detection equipment is particularly important.

Shenzhen JEET T Series HD Endoscope Passing EX Explosion-proof Certification


Our T-series high-definition endoscope has successfully obtained the ex explosion proof certificate issued by the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for low voltage explosion-proof electrical appliances through the review and sample inspection of product drawings and technical documents by authoritative departments.

The National Center for quality supervision and inspection of low-voltage explosion-proof electrical appliances is a national quality inspection center engaged in explosion-proof electrical inspection authorized by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. It has CMA qualification, Cal authorization and CNAs approval certificate.

Through inspection, Shenzhen JEET explosion-proof industrial endoscope conforms to GB3836.1 and GB3836.4 standards, and the explosion-proof mark is ex IB Ⅱ B T4 GB.

Ex----- explosion proof English abbreviation, explosion-proof sign

Ib----- explosion proof form, "IB" refers to intrinsically safe type

IIb - explosion proof classification, mainly divided into class I (mining) and class II (plant). Clas

s II is divided into IIA, IIb and IIC

T4----- temperature group (t1~t6) T4 represents explosive environment, and the maximum surface temperature of the instrument shall not exceed 135 ℃


Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of high-definition industrial endoscope, 3D measuring endoscope, explosion-proof industrial endoscope, police endoscope, hole detector, pipeline endoscope, automobile endoscope and other endoscopes. It is committed to providing customers with professional and efficient endoscopic video detection and automatic detection solutions.

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