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Professional videoscope manufacturer

Located in the innovation city of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Jeet Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is professionally researching, developing and producing all types of high-quality visual testing (VT) equipment, like industrial videoscopes, 360°articulating borescopespolice security endoscopesjoystick endoscopes, etc. We are committed to providing customers with professional and mature VT solutions. 

Focus on researching and developing of industrial endoscope for more than 10 years

JEET has a highly educated R&D team with more than 10 years’ experience in industrial endoscope development. Also, we have cooperation with well-known institutes of photonics in China.

Company leader with more than 10 years of endoscopic experience

        Meng Jun: Project leader, graduated from South China University of Technology, majoring in business administration, intermediate electronic technology engineer.

       (1) Work experience:

      From 2015 to 2010, he served as the manager of the information department of Oshima (Guangzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd., completed the information construction management and foreign trade network marketing platform of the group company and obtained a large number of foreign orders.

      From 2011 to 2013, he served as the regional manager and industrial endoscopic product manager of Shenzhen Yateks Co.,Ltd. ,completed tens of millions yuan of sales performance.

      From 2013 to 2017, he was the deputy general manager of Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd., in charge of marketing and sales, responsible for the overall marketing of the company's industrial endoscope and police endoscope products and leading the development of new products, leading the sales team to achieve tens of millions yuan of performance.

In May 2017, he founded Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. and served as the general manager.

       (2) Main Achievements:

With more than 10 years of sales team management experience and entrepreneurial experience, accumulating distribution system resources in multiple industries, he has served as an executive of many companies, completed a number of major sales projects at home and abroad, owned and participated in a number of endoscopic invention patents, and led the development of multiple endoscopic product projects.


         Li Wenfu:  technical director, bachelor degree, graduated from Wuhan University of technology, majoring in measurement and control and instrument; Graduated from Wuhan University, majoring in business administration, intermediate engineer, with more than 12 years of high-end endoscope product development experience.

       (1) Work experience:

       From 2010 to 2013, he worked in  Shenzhen Yateks Co.,Ltd. as the endoscope project leader.

       From 2013 to 2017,he served as deputy general manager of Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

       From 2017 to now, he served as the technical director of the project, responsible for technology R&D and supply chain management.

       (2) Main achievements:

       From 2012 to 2016, he worked in Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd. as the deputy general manager. He overcame the problem of long-distance light guide system of endoscope and the industry bottleneck of precise control of micro motor. He successfully developed 360 ° arbitrary bending videoscope, 2.8mm and 3.8mm ultra-fine steering endoscope, 10m long-distance guide endoscope, and developed domestic advanced three-dimensional measurement endoscope, which has created the international advanced replaceable insertion tube borescope.

Since 2017, he has been deeply engaged in medical endoscopy, leading the research on the industrialization of cross infection prevention, low-cost disposable UROSCOPE and disposable bronchoscope. Breaking the technical bottleneck of traditional medical endoscope, a low-cost insertion tube with three-layer structure of FEP, SUS304 stainless steel wire and PEBAX was successfully developed, and the insertion tube realized 1:1 synchronous torsion. In addition, in order to replace the traditional high price clamp tube, the disposable clamp tube made of FEP was successfully developed, which laid a solid foundation for the industrialization of disposable medical endoscope. Traditional borescopes are oriented in two directions and four directions. In order to break through the traditional technology and meet the ergonomics and surgical requirements of doctors, combined with the accumulation of endoscopic research for more than ten years, we have creatively developed the first 360 ° universal guided disposable bronchoscope in the world, which solves the industry bottleneck problem that the traditional two-way bronchoscope relies on the doctor's wrist to turn the insertion tube into the bronchus when entering the human lung!

         Zhang Guangping: R&D director, graduated from Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology, majoring in electronic information Engineering

       (1) Work Experience:

From 2011 to 2012, he worked as a hardware engineer at Shenzhen Yateks Co.,Ltd. ,developing the company's first electric industrial endoscope, mainly responsible for electronic platform building, device selection, electronic circuit design, debugging and assembly, and achieving mass production.

From 2012 to 2017,he worked as a R&D manager at Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd. During this period, he led the development of 360° electric industrial videoscope, WIFI endoscope, body surface examination instrument and oral borescope, all of which achieved open-mold mass production and made him complete sales performance about tens of millions yuan.

From 2013 to 2017, he worked as the R&D director of Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., LTD., developing T series of endoscopes with adjustable screen, F series of 3D measurement endoscopes and S series of simple tool endoscopes in the industry. The products achieved open-modulus mass production and made him creat sales performance up to tens of millions yuan.

        (2) Main Achievements:

l He has been engaged in the industrial endoscope industry for ten years, as the head of the electronic system, he has successfully developed and completed the replaceable pipeline endoscope, million high-definition endoscope, casting smelting and overhauling endoscope, 360 ° arbitrary motorized endoscope, and recently successfully developed a replaceable screen system endoscope, which can replace the display system according to user needs, which can be compatible with 300,000 pixels, 450,000 pixels, 1 million pixels, and can be used for outer diameter φ2.8mm, φ3.8mm, φ4.2mm, φ6mm pipe diameter. He has participated in the application of many projects such as the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, and participated in more than 10 invention patents.

Obtained more than 10 invention patents and software copyrights

We have obtained more than 10 invention patents and software copyrights, passed ISO9001/14001 system certification. Jeet's product got CE, RoHS certificates, certificate from the Ministry of Public Security Testing Center and QC inspection report from Ceprei.


Strict quality control process and sound after-sales service

JEET attaches great importance to product quality and customer service, has strict quality control process from R&D, production to sales, and strictly controls every procedure to service customers with stable products, reasonable prices and sound after-sales service.

JEET's sales network has been established all over the world. Welcome more partners to cooperate and grow together with us.

Basic Information
CompanyShenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd
Established2017 Year
Business TypeManufacturer & Trading Company
Primary servicesIndustrial Videoscope
Trade & Market
Main Marketglobal
Acceptable payment methodsT/T
Whether any overseas office is availableNo
Business turnoverUSD 1.2 - 3 million per year
export volumeUSD 1.2 - 3 million per year
Number of foreign trade department employees3-5 people
Number of researchers5~10
Number of quality inspectors5~10
Number of all the employeesBelow 100
Factory Information
Factory Area1,200m2
EmployeesBelow 100