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The convenience brought by industrial Endoscope/videoscope/borescope/ inspection camara/endoscopio to the foundry industry

The convenience brought by industrial Endoscope/videoscope/borescope/ inspection camara/endoscopio to the foundry industry

Jun 27,2022

The convenience brought by industrial Endoscope/videoscope/borescope/

inspection camara/endoscopio to the foundry industry


  Casting is an important process technology in industrial manufacturing. In the field of auto parts casting, automobiles are the most common casting parts, including engines, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, turbines, transmissions, exhaust pipes, valve bodies, Pump bodies, control modules, hydraulic components, etc., among which the engine, cylinder block and cylinder head, turbine, and exhaust pipe are the "old partners" of industrial endoscopes. In the casting process, due to problems such as dry charge, excessive oxides/impurities, poor sand/core retreat or casting structure, etc., it is easy to cause casting pores, blisters, sand sticking, sand inclusion, cold insulation, cracks, pits, etc. , burrs and other defects, these defects will lead to lower product quality, lower sales, lower customer repurchase rate and other problems. In order to improve product quality and production efficiency, industrial endoscopes provide professional technical support for the majority of foundries.

  Shenzhen JEET endoscope currently has a variety of products that are widely used in the foundry industry, such as automotive engine factories, diesel engine factories, auto parts manufacturers, internal combustion engine manufacturers and other quality inspection departments. quality inspection.


  Shenzhen JEET T51X series of high-definition industrial video endoscopes have good image quality, millions of high-definition pixels can clearly present details, the probe can be rotated 360° omnidirectionally, and the exposure suppression and negative film functions can better assist in the inspection of the object to be inspected. T51X series endoscope host and pipeline system can also be separated by one key, and compatible with 1.8mm-8.0mm tube-line system, can provide customers with various detection solutions, carry out more detailed analysis, can effectively improve the detection efficiency, and meet customer inspection requirements. Due to the needs of various castings, JEET high-definition endoscopes have always been favored by the majority of foundries.


  Shenzhen JEET Company has a highly educated R&D team with more than ten years of experience in endoscopes, specializing in R&D and production of industrial endoscopes, 3D measurement videoscopes, automotive videoscopes, police videoscopes, hole detectors, various videoscopes products such as borescope can provide targeted solutions for our customers. If you have related needs, welcome to communicate with us.