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Application of Shenzhen JEET Industrial Endoscope/Videoscope/Borescope/Inspection camara in Rail Transit

Application of Shenzhen JEET Industrial Endoscope/Videoscope/Borescope/Inspection camara in Rail Transit

Jun 27,2022

Application of Shenzhen JEET Industrial


inspection camara/endoscopio in Rail Transit


Industrial endoscopy is currently a widely used visual inspection method. In recent years, industrial endoscopes have played a vital role in the development and manufacturing, maintenance testing, and quality control of traditional rail transit vehicles. The following is a detailed analysis of their detection conditions.

                              Application of Industrial Endoscope in Rail Transit

①Hollow shaft inspection: During the operation of the electrified high-speed train, if any suspicious parts such as corrosion, rust and wear are found on the hollow shaft, an industrial endoscope can be used to probe into the interior of the hollow shaft for further careful inspection. The image magnification function finds fine cracks. At the same time, the inspectors can also use the image processing system of the endoscope to shoot inspection videos to record the specific conditions of the hollow shaft, so that the defects can be re-inspected through the computer later to ensure more accurate inspection results;

②Shock absorber spring inspection: In the railway section repair regulations and factory repair regulations, the inspection requirements for the shock absorber springs are mentioned, and the specific requirements are to check for cracks, wear and other conditions, and then weld according to the maintenance regulations. The traditional inspection method often needs to disassemble the spring, but when the industrial endoscope is used to complete this task, it is only necessary to send the videoscope probe to the part of the spring to be inspected, and then the cracks inside the spring and the condition of the top of the spring can be inspected. Observe, take pictures, avoid disassembly, and reduce maintenance costs;

③Gearbox inspection: During the normal use and operation cycle of the locomotive, the traction gearbox often has problems of gear wear and poor engagement. If it is not detected early and properly handled, it will even lead to the gearbox being scrapped and derailed. Using an industrial borescope can easily complete the gearbox inspection. In the specific operation, you only need to insert the flexible guide tube of the endoscope/videoscope/borescope/inscpection camara into the gearbox through the oil quantity observation port of the gearbox, and you can see it very intuitively. The condition of the gears inside the gearbox and whether there are foreign objects at the bottom of the gearbox can also be used for shooting and archiving with the image recording function of the industrial endoscope for further troubleshooting or for future comparison and reference. The whole operation process is simple and easy!

JEET Technology T51X Series endoscope has 1080P ultra-clear image, 360° omnidirectional bending, optional size display screen, flexible selection of thick and thin pipelines, lens, objective lens, pipeline withstand IP67 waterproof, eight hours of super standby, etc. Perform visual inspection on special environments such as rail transit-related containers, pipes, the interior of equipment that is difficult to disassemble, the inner surface of narrow gaps, or areas that cannot be directly observed by human eyesight.

In general, the application of industrial endoscopes can be said to cover all aspects of the industrial field. To choose a suitable product, you need to consider the detection environment, location, direction, access and other working conditions, as well as the diameter of the endoscope. , length, depth of field, and implement the final solution. If necessary, some accessories need to be added, such as lens protective cover, telescopic rod, foreign body pliers, etc., which requires professional technology and sales personnel to give necessary support. Shenzhen JEET Company has a highly educated R&D team with more than ten years of experience in endoscopes, specializing in R&D and production of industrial endoscopes, 3D measurement endoscopes, automotive endoscopes, police endoscopes, hole detectors, Various endoscope products such as borescope can provide targeted solutions for our customers. If you have related needs, welcome to communicate with us.