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An industrial videoscope applied in civil aviation engine

An industrial videoscope applied in civil aviation engine

Nov 5,2021
A videoscope is a type of precision instrument composed of a display monitor and a flexible insertion tube with an optical lens and micro-camera sensor. In civil aviation engine, normally it is called as a borescope, some essential parts of civil aviation are widely used a borescope to inspect, such as compressor,turbine,wheel,guide apparatus, etc. The following is an inspection photo that Jeet videoscope is used to inspection civil aviation engine of a customer. 


Furthermore, industrial videoscopes are applied to monitoring the mechanical parts of the engine as well as ventilation and plumbing. They are also applied to view the heat exchange tubes, internal combustion engines, cast parts, gearboxes, and welds.

Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd is known as JEET VIDEOSCOPE, a high-tech enterprise located in the innovation city of Shenzhen, China. JEET is professionally researching, developing and producing all types of high-quality  visual testing (VT) equipment, like  industrial videoscopes,   360°articulating borescopespolice security endoscopes,  joystick endoscopesautomotive videoscope UV videoscope, and  3D Measurement Industrial videoscope. JEET has variety Series of videoscopes, like S series, T35H series, T51X series, F series, Q series, etc.