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Application scenarios of an industrial videoscope

Application scenarios of an industrial videoscope

Oct 27,2021
videoscope  is called as an  endoscope borescope, or  inspection camera; it is a type of precision instrument composed of a display monitor and a flexible insertion tube with an optical lens and micro-camera sensor. An industrial can be applied in different fields, JEET share you as the following.

1. Boiler container: Boiler, Pressure vessel, Steel cylinder, etc.
2.Electrical energy: Thermal power, Hydro-electric power development,
Wind power, and Nuclear power.
3.Automobile manufacturing: Automobile manufacturing,Automobile engine manufacturing, Transmission manufacturing.
4. Mechanical casting: Machine parts casting, Forging inspection, Pipeline inspection.
5. Aeronautics and Astronautics: Passenger airplane, Military aircraft, Aero-engine manufacturing, Rocket manufacturing, Spacecraft manufacturing, Satellite manufacturing, etc.
6.Military industry manufacture: Military special vehicle manufacturing, Artillery,guns manufacturing , Ships manufacturing, Diesel engine , Tanks manufacturing.
7. Petroleum chemical industry: Petroleum, Chemical engineering, Natural gas industry pipeline, Tank inspection.
8. Food and pharmaceutical: Food and beverage, Biological fermentation, machine testing of pharmaceutical.
9. Police security; Criminal investigation, Anti-terrorism, Exit and Entry, Frontier Defense, Fire life detection, Special inspection.
10. Rail traffic: rail train, railway inspection.
11. Building industry: Grouting saturation measurement, Pipe inspection in steel pipe factory.
12. Automotive aftermarket: Automotive Maintenance, Maintenance inspection.
13. Other: Archaeology, customized development.
The above are the application of videoscope in different industries; JEET has customized design based on customer requirements.

Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd is known as JEET VIDEOSCOPE, a high-tech enterprise located in the innovation city of Shenzhen, China. JEET is professionally researching, developing and producing all types of high-quality  visual testing (VT) equipment, like industrial videoscopes,   360°articulating borescopes, police security endoscopes,  joystick endoscopesautomotive videoscope,  UV videoscope, and  3D Measurement Industrial videoscope. JEET has variety Series of videoscopes, like S series, T35H series, T51X series, F series, Q series, etc.

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