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WIFI image transfer function - JEET industrial videocope

WIFI image transfer function - JEET industrial videocope

Sep 3,2021

Today, a mobile, Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC plays more and more important role, and it is convenient to people's life. Everyday, we carry out our activities via WIFI both in work and entertainment, and it is also an essential media for us to transfer images, videos or files.
With a JEEP WIFI videoscope, an inspector is able to transfer images  from a videoscope to a mobile via WIFI, as the results of that, more than one inspector can see what they can see via a WIFI videoscope.

WIFI Videoscope

For a Non-WIFI videoscope, only 1 inspector can use a videoscope to inspect or detect the target inspected object. However, with a WIFI videoscope, we are able to solve this problem, that it is able to allow several inspectors to inspect or detect at the same time or probably have a remote assistance for the inspection job with just taken with a mobile or other smart devices via WIFI.

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