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Application Solutions of Videoscope in Police Industry

Application Solutions of Videoscope in Police Industry

Mar 30,2022

Application Solutions of Videoscope in Police Industry

Police endoscope is a testing instrument integrating traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics and software. It has image sensors, optical lenses, light sources, lighting and mechanical devices.

Features of police endoscope:

The police endoscope is suitable for the real-time detection and analysis of the security inspection and explosion-proof scene by the security departments such as public security, armed police, criminal investigation, fire control, anti narcotics and customs. It can directly observe whether there are potential safety hazards in the hidden environment such as box, car, pipeline and darkroom. It can take real-time photos and video recording, so as to provide indispensable data collection for the analysis of criminal investigation scene and criminal investigation and evidence collection. In addition, it greatly reduces the risk of law enforcement and ensures the safety of law enforcement personnel.

Role of police borescope:

The police endoscope is mainly used for observation in the parts that cannot be observed or difficult to reach by the human eye. It can be inspected without mechanical disassembly and destruction of the measured object. It can be applied to customs, public security, border defense, prisons, courts, airports, factories, ports, stadiums, exhibition halls, post earthquake rescue and security departments, as well as monitoring and observing the activities of criminals. It allows policemen to observe and check the internal situation of suspicious targets from a safe distance, while ensuring a high degree of concealment, which provides great convenience.

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