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JEET S series tool videoscope applied in automobile engine block inspection task

JEET S series tool videoscope applied in automobile engine block inspection task

Oct 20,2021

An industrial videoscope is widely applied in many industries, it is able to inspect equipment or object internal defects located in hard-to-reach places or can not  be inspected without any tools. For the automobile parts manufacturing companies, they are able to use a videoscope to carry out inspection tasks in the internal of targeted inspection objects during the processes of manufacturing.An industrial videoscope  acts a vital role in automobile industry.

Here, we recommend you JEET S series, tool videoscope:



1. The tube diameter of S series is only 6.0 mm, it can applied in many inspection environment where need small diameter inspection. Insert hole diameter equal to pen diameter, and it can insert as long as there are holes and gas.

2. Joystick-control 360°all-way accurate articulation, the largest bending angle is 220°.

3. Super bright ceramic light with 0-6 levels control.

4. Sapphire glass lens, high precision probe.

5. One-click photo/ video taking, real-time wireless image transmitting.

6. Iconic menu, easy operation, and it have an intelligent image-process system simple operating logic.

7. Light and portable only 0.5kg.

8. The whole product is dust-proof and water-proof, tube IP67, product body IP65.

9. Excellent quality, anti-fall and wear-resistant.

We can also use industrial videoscope to inspect other parts of automobile, such as cylinder head, camshaft, and piston.

Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd is known as JEET VIDEOSCOPE, a high-tech enterprise located in the innovation city of Shenzhen, China. JEET is professionally researching, developing and producing all types of high-quality  visual testing (VT)  equipment, like industrial videoscopes,  360°articulating borescopes, police security endoscopes, joystick endoscopes,  automotive videoscopeUV videoscope, and  3D Measurement Industrial videoscope. JEET has variety Series of videoscopes, like S series, T35H series, T51X series, F series, Q series,etc.