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An industrial videoscope applied in railway engineering

An industrial videoscope applied in railway engineering

Oct 13,2021

An industrial videoscope is used in railway engineering, such as railway engineering vehicle research and manufacturer, maintains, and other applications. How an industrial videoscope applied in railway industry, JEET does shares you in details as the following.

Railway engineering is a big project construction. With the rapid development of the society, for railway construction, we not matter need to ensure the quality, but also need to mention about efficiency. We ensure railway construction project couplet on time. An industrial videoscope acts a significant role in railway engineering vehicle inspectionsuch as the inspection of gear casehollow axle, internal combustion engine carbon deposition, etc.

Compare to other NDT methods, we can see the internal of the inspected object, no need experienced inspector to compare and analyze the data to find out the defects. At the same time, we can take photos and video and save them during the inspection. 


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