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Inspection technical points of industrial videoscope

Inspection technical points of industrial videoscope

Sep 15,2021
When we want to inspect an object via an videoscope, there are some essential points for successfully carry out videoscope inspection.

The following are essential inspection technical points of industrial videoscope.

1.Name and location of the object is inspected and detected.
2. Scope of inspection,requirements and testing theory. 
3. The method of testing.
4.The condition of spare parts surface,the processing demands of the spare parts are going to tested.
5. Manufacturing processes of products are going to tested.
6. Technical people.
7.Technical standard of product acceptance.
8. Testing tool, additional lighting. 
9. Type of videoscope,Diameter of probe,model,location for videoscope is going to test, and testing accuracy.
10. Requirement of testing report.

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